Shipping and payment conditions


Information regarding payment and delivery


Dear Customer,

regarding the delivery and payment, Salumeria Lenotti communicates that

payment is accepted by credit card, paypal or delivery.

no installment payments are accepted.

delivery is carried out through the carrier that Salumeria Lenotti will deem most appropriate.

the standard delivery time is 4 working days. The customer can choose the option of rapid delivery at the fixed cost indicated at the time of order completion, in this case the delivery time will be made within 48 hours of receiving the order.

In case of return, where required, Salumeria Lenotti will collect the goods to be returned.

The following are the articles that are used for payment and delivery in the "General terms and conditions of sale". The Customer is invited to take visions before completing the order. The finalization of the sale implies acceptance of these conditions.


Terms of payment


No installment payments are allowed.

If the Customer has chosen to make the payment with the credit cards available and indicated on-line, payment must be made at the time of placing the purchase order. The provider automatically verifies the operation of the card at the time of ordering, providing to send an e-mail indicating the outcome of the transaction; the credit is actually collected by Salumeria Lenotti when the goods are shipped.

Prices are subject to change at any time, but these changes do not affect orders already confirmed in the manner described above.

If the credit card issuing institution or our service provider refuses or for any reason does not authorize or validate the payment, in such circumstances, Salumeria Lenotti is not responsible for delays or non-delivery with reference to the original Products.

In the absence of any information necessary to complete the payment, Salumeria Lenotti reserves the right to cancel the order automatically.

At no time during the purchase procedure Salumeria Lenotti is able to know the information relating to the credit card and the credit card number of the purchaser or the financial, personal and personal information of the Customer. This is in fact transmitted via a secure connection directly to the portal of the bank or finance company at the time of confirmation of the customer. Salumeria Lenotti therefore in no case is liable and can be held responsible for any fraudulent and illegal use of credit cards that can be made by third parties during the purchase and payment of products.

If the customer has chosen to purchase through the payment methods Paypal, he, at the conclusion of the order, is directed to the login page of Paypal. The amount relating to the order is debited from the Paypal account at the time the order is acquired. In case of cancellation of the order both by the Customer and in case of non-acceptance of Salumeria Lenotti, the amount will be refunded to the Customer's Paypal account. In case of cancellation of the order will be required to cancel the transaction and Salumeria Lenotti under no circumstances will be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by the delay in the failure to release the amount committed by Paypal. For each transaction made with the Paypal account the customer will receive a confirmation email from Paypal. Salumeria Lenotti reserves the right to cancel and / or suspend the order if Paypal sends a message via email to report any anomalies and / or irregularities in the payment; in this case Salumeria Lenotti reserves the right to ask the Customer for additional information and / or to send copies of documents proving the ownership of the card used. In the absence of the required documentation, Salumeria Lenotti reserves the right not to accept the order without the Customer's right to compensation for damages.

If the customer has chosen to purchase through the payment method with cash on delivery, must bear in mind that this service has an additional cost and can not be used for orders over € 2999.99. At the time of delivery, the customer must pay the exact amount of the order to the carrier as the courier can not give change. Cash only.

If the Customer cancels an order booked with credit card, bank transfer or Paypal payment methods, Salumeria Lenotti will re-credit according to the same procedures chosen by the Customer, who will not be able to request a variation of the same.

The Customer's data are transmitted in a secure manner that prevents other subjects from getting to know or getting in touch with them. To make sure you have a secure connection, you need it