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In the splendid setting of Lake Garda at the foot of Mount Baldo in San Zeno di Montagna since 1968, the Lenotti family produces handmade salamis, using only selected raw materials, no thickening chemical additive or dye for their products; the only additions are the aromas and flavors that the particular climate of Baldo and the air filled with the thousand scents of the endemic medicinal plants of Hortus Europae infuse in them as they calmly mature for months, in the old cellars where they are still produced by hand .

This is how the soppressa, the nostranello, the coppa, the pancetta, the pancetta salamata, the lard, the luscious montebaldini, the nosetta of the Monte Baldo and the famous “codeghin de na olta”, products of ancient tradition of salami, unique and inimitable, they bring the palate to tastes and flavors that are lost over time, because when the raw materials, climate and craftsmanship can express themselves to the fullest, true masterpieces of taste are born. It is an art that is handed down from father to son with the attachment to one's work and the desire to transmit the ancient flavors through the traditional norcine recipes of the past.


Salumeria Lenotti
March  2008